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Royal Tea Village

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Shaoxing Royal Tea Village Co Ltd Specializes in tea production and export located in Shaoxing County which only 2 hour drive away from shanghai it was built jointly by a past state run Shaoxing Tea Plantation and Keinz lnc from Japan in 1993 Here all production equipments and technologies are introduction from Japan Up to 2012 it can produce 4000 tons of tea annually standing out as one of the biggest tea producers across China Currently our products comprise Organic Sencha Gyokuro Bancha Matcha Organic Matcha Organic Genmaicha Hojicha Longjing tea tea fannings for tea bags and various kinds of organic tea These products have gained wide appeal in EU Japan North America Taiwan and Chinese...

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Long JingGreen teaMatcha TeaMatcha KitOem MatchaMatcha SetBancha TeaHojicha TeaGreen SenchaLongjing TeaHalal MatchaGreen MatchaMatcha powderSencha PowderGenmaicha TeaSencha LeavesOrganic SenchaMatcha Tea SetHojicha PowderOem Matcha TeaOrganic MatchaMatcha Tea KitOrganic HojichaSeasoned MatchaMocha Green TeaFlavored matchaPure Matcha TeaGreen Tea SteamHalal Matcha TeaPackaging MatchaMatcha Green TeaGreen Tea LeavesSencha Green TeaGreen Tea PowderCertified MatchaPremium Green TeaOrganic GenmaichaHojicha Green TeaGreen Steeped TeaSencha Tea LeavesMatcha Tea PowderCeremonial MatchaSencha Tea PowderOEM Matcha PowderOrganic Green TeaSteamed Green TeaPremium Long JingOrganic Matcha TeaPure Matcha PowderHojicha Tea PowderGreen Tea FanningsOrganic Bancha TeaLongjing Green TeaNatural Matcha TeaOrganic Sencha TeaHalal Matcha PowderOrganic Sencha 8912Organic Sencha 8914Organic Hojicha TeaGenmaicha Green TeaLong Jing Green TeaPure Natural MatchaJapan Premium BanchaPackaging Matcha TeaOEM Green Tea PowderMatcha Private LabelWholesale Sencha TeaCertified Matcha TeaMatcha Green Tea SetPrivate Label SenchaPure Matcha Green TeaOrganic Japan HojichaBulk Wholesale BanchaCeremonial Matcha TeaOrganic Matcha PowderPrivate Label HojichaOrganic Genmaicha TeaOrganic Hojicha PowderFresh Aroma Sencha TeaSeasoned Matcha PowderSlim LunJing Green TeaJapan Sencha Green TeaJapanese Style HojichaJapan Bancha Green TeaSencha Matcha Green TeaSencha Green Tea PowderJapan Wholesale HojichaJapan Hojicha Pan-friedSencha Green Tea LeavesOrganic Matcha Pure TeaCeremonial Grade MatchaOrganic Sencha Tea 8911Matcha Green Tea LeavesGreen Tea Matcha PowderMatcha Green Tea PowderOrganic Japanese SenchaBulk Wholesale GenmaichaPremium Matcha Green TeaPremium Green Tea PowderOrganic Matcha Green TeaCooking Green Tea PowderHealthy Matcha Green TeaOrganic Certified MatchaOrganic Green Tea PowderOrganic Japan Bancha TeaCeremonial Matcha PowderMatcha Tea Private LabelOrganic Sencha Green TeaSteamed Green Tea BanchaJapanese Organic HojichaJapan Sencha Steeped TeaGenmaicha Brown Rice TeaFitness Melberry Leaf TeaPrivate Label Hojicha TeaOrganic Matcha Tea PowderOrganic Hojicha Green TeaLongjing Green Tea LeavesPremium Organic Long JingOrganic Ceremonial MatchaHealthy Melberry Leaf TeaFitness Mulberry Leaf TeaOrganic Premium GenmaichaOrganic Matcha OEM PowderHealthy Mulberry Leaf Tea100% Natural Longjing TeaJapanese Green Tea MatchaBulk Wholesale Sencha TeaJapanese Sencha Green TeaOrganic Hojicha Tea PowderNatural Longjing Green TeaPremium Longjing Green TeaLong Jing Green Tea PowderOrganic Lun Jing Green TeaRoasted Rice Tea GenmaichaSeasoned Matcha Tea PowderOrganic Longjing Green TeaDelicious Matcha Green TeaGenmaicha Roasted Rice TeaOrganic Genmaicha Rice TeaAntioxidants Unique SenchaJapanese Steamed Green TeaOrganic Matcha Pure PowderHot Premium Organic HojichaPackaging Matcha Tea PowderCeremonial Matcha Green TeaJapanese Organic Matcha TeaJapanese Sencha Steeped TeaMatcha Tea Ceremonial GradeOrganic Sencha Green PowderBulk Wholesale Japan BanchaCertified Matcha Tea PowderMatcha Powder Private LabelSeasoned Organic Matcha TeaOrganic Sencha Green LeavesJapan Popcorn Tea GenmaichaRich Taste Sencha Green TeaPrivate Label Organic MatchaHot Premium Japanese HojichaOrganic Matcha Private LabelOrganic Certified Matcha TeaTop Quality Green Tea PowderMatcha Pure Green Tea PowderUnique Japan Sench Loose TeaSpring Premium Slim Green TeaPure Natural Matcha Green TeaBulk Wholesale Bancha HojichaAntioxidants Sencha Green TeaCeremonial Pure Matcha PowderMulberry Wholesale Matcha OEMWholesale Green Matcha PowderSlim Lun Jing Dragon Well TeaOrganic Pure Green Tea PowderSteamed Bulk Wholesale BanchaBulk Premium Wholesale BanchaGreen Health Mulberry Leaf TeaOEM Roasted Rice Tea GenmaichaPrivate Label Green Tea MatchaSeasoned Organic Matcha PowderJapan Genmaicha Brown Rice TeaOrganic Matcha Pure Tea PowderPrivate Label Green Tea PowderOrganic Japan Sencha Green TeaOrganic Mulberry Matcha PowderJapanese Style Bancha Green TeaPan-fried Bulk Wholesale BanchaSpecialty Organic Matcha PowderOrganic Sencha Green Tea PowderJapan Premium Common Tea BanchaOrganic Certified Matcha PowderJapanese Style Sencha Green TeaOrganic Ceremonial Grade MatchaBulk Roasted Rice Tea GenmaichaPrivate Label Hojicha Green TeaJapanese Sencha Loose Green TeaBulk Hot Premium Bancha HojichaOrganic Matcha Green Tea PowderSpecialty Health Organic Matcha100% Organic Longjing Green TeaOEM Private Label Matcha PowderMulberry Matcha Green Tea PowderPremium Organic Green Tea PowderBest Sencha For Thirst-QuenchingOrganic Matcha Tea Private LabelBulk Wholesale Steeped Tea SenchaOrganic Slimming Green Tea SenchaBulk Wholesale Rice Tea GenmaichaOrganic Japanese Sencha Green TeaHot Premium Bulk Wholesale BanchaBulk Wholesale Steeped Sencha TeaTop Quality Japanese Matcha PowderPan-fried Oven Roasted Tea HojichaBulk Roasted Rice Teabag GenmaichaSeasoned Organic Matcha Tea PowderPrivate Label OEM Matcha Tea PowderWholesale OEM Organic Matcha PowderPrivate Label Cooking Matcha PowderOrganic Ceremonial Matcha Green TeaRich Taste Green Steeped Tea SenchaOrganic Matcha Green Tea Pure PowderHighest Ceremony Grade Matcha PowderPrivate Label Green Tea Matcha PowderOrganic Cooking Matcha Green Tea PowerPrivate Label Wholesale Green Tea PowderSpring Premium Organic LongJing Green Tea
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